Weight Loss

Once you feel lighter on the inside the outside is easier to work on

Welcome to Lighten-Up, Moon therapies weight loss programme.

If you have landed on this page,  I imagine you have tried most diets from no carbs diets, vegetable soup diet, counting points or sins, the list goes on and some may have worked in the short term but possibly the weight has just crept back on without you noticing!!

It should be as easy as when you are full stop eating, get off your backside and move more and keep doing it….sound simple…so why can’t you JUST DO IT?

First we  look at why you are overweight and how you got to be the size you are today. Very often we are using food as a way to stuff down other emotions such as  anger, sadness, frustration, boredom,stress, anxiety or some kind of dissatisfaction . So once we have worked out what the triggers are for your behaviour we learn to stop sabotaging your body with food and find more resourceful ways to deal with the hidden emotion. Freeing you to have a healthier and happier life style that lasts.

Hypnotherapy is an  extremely quick and effective method to help you loose the weight as well as building your confidence and self esteem so you will not only look great but feel great too.

As I don’t have a magic wand and I need you to do the uncomfortable parts. I need you to be as committed as me to achieve your life changing goal. It is difficult to say exactly how many sessions you will need as this would depend on other issues that may need tackling, normally it takes 4 sessions but this will be discussed in the free consultation.


Group sessions are in the planning stages so please re visit the site for updates or email me to register your interest and get more information.