You are never too young or too old to make changes!

Here’s what a few people of all ages have said about me.

Molly aged 6½

I liked going to Susie because she is so kind. She helped me to not be sad when I was not with my Mum. She gave me courage.

Lizzie Molly’s Mum

Susie was a god send and helped my daughter to work through her worries when we were unable to find the answer for why she was so worried and sad. Molly is now back to her bubbly self. Susie gave her the tools and techniques so that if she feels worried or sad again she knows how to work through them with confidence.

Alice age 11 (written by her Nan)

I always thought testimonials were made up until I met Suzanne. My Granddaughter, Alice, aged 11 has always been beyond terrified of dogs to the point that it was making life impossible, she would cross the road and hide behind me if we encountered a dog in the street.  It was ruining her life, she was unable to spend time at her Dad and Step-Mums house as they have two Jack Russell dogs. Three sessions with Suzanne and she is now staying there for the weekend and even feeding the dogs and cuddling up with them on the sofa! Alice is a beautiful child always singing and dancing in private but lacked confidence when anyone else was around. She also has a new found confidence in all aspects of life and I am sure she will continue to grow in confidence and will carry this with her for life. Suzanne you are wonderful, I wouldnt hesitate to recommend you for any kind of help or therapy.

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Holly age 12

Sue is so good at helping me with my stiff shoulders and my tight legs! I am a swimmer competing at Regional levels and Sue helps me prepare for my races and definitely helps loosen my muscles.

Sue is not scary! She is so friendly and always knows what my problems are!

I love going to Sue to get a massage as she is so good and friendly and she is the best masseuse EVER!!! Thank you Sue x

Lucy age 15

At the age of 7 I suffered with a  bowel condition which triggered emetophobia which is a sickness phobia. Last year it came to a head and I was unable to go to school and go out with friends and family. I’ve always felt hypnosis would help me and after 3 sessions with Suzanne I’m so much better and I’m now able to attend school and go out more with much more confidence. Suzanne taught me how to deal with my panic and anxiety attacks through relaxation and various breathing techniques. I have improved so much and everything is getting so much better thanks to Suzanne and all her support.

Amelia age 15

Prior to my end of year exams I was a little nervous, I wanted to do well as these would be the exams that would set us for our GCSEs and I was worried that I would not have to time revise as I was going on a hockey tour to Barcelona. I went to Suz who helped me figure out why I was nervous and told me what to do when I became anxious. Thanks to Suz, I entered my exams as cool as a cucumber and got good results as a result!

Rebecca in her teen’s

Suzanne helped me understand why I’m claustrophobic and helped me go back to all the things that happened that could have made me claustrophobic. Suzanne understood how I felt and helped me find ways to calm myself down if I did feel panicked. I had never seen a hypnotherapist before and Suzanne was very friendly and made me feel comfortable.

Amy in her 20’s

As soon as I met Suzanne I was instantly put at ease. Not only did
she give me the tools I needed to effectively manage stress, she has
brought out confidence in me that I never knew I had.  While I believe
I have got what I needed after just four sessions together, I’m so
grateful that I have someone I can talk to in the future if I ever feel
I need to. In fact, I almost wish she was small enough to put in my
pocket, so I could have a life coach with me everyday! Thanks Suzanne –
you’re wonderful.

Chantel in her 20’s

I cannot recommend seeing Suzanne highly enough, what an amazing truly wowing, powerful, empowering wonderful woman! Through meeting up with Suzanne I have been able to understand & put meaning to what has happened in the past. I cannot say where I would be without her (as luckily I am not there) but I can happily say wholeheartedly, Suzanne has changed my life & got me on the correct path to fulfil my dreams – not let ME hold myself back & do what I have wanted to do for many years. I am happy to report I am going on a 14 night cruise the day after tomorrow. If I had not had the chance to cross paths with Suzanne I don’t think I would have been brave enough to take hold of my life, take full responsibility & take charge of my life. I am pretty much certain I would most definitely not be going on a cruise (amongst other things to come) by Myself. I would have made up some excuse & regretted not going & doing what I want to do. 

Suzanne has miraculously changed my natural thought pattern, showed me the correct way for me to think & lead my life and also trained me on how to best deal with circumstances when they arise.

I truly trust you & am so glad I met you. You’ve shown me the way to help me move my life forward in a positive way, live life & GO for my dreams without letting me hold myself back, I am forever grateful to you for all you have given & shown me

Lucy in her late 20’s

I was in a very unstable, scary & dark place when I met Suzanne. She had come highly recommended through a friend of a family member & I was at a point I knew I needed help. Suzanne made me feel at ease the first time I spoke to her even when I just called to make the first appointment. Suzanne has tought me to realise I have the confidence to be the person I want to be & that living in the past can affect how you see your future. I have amazing people in my life & a very bright future that I’m so excited about living & Suzanne was with me every step of the way & reassured me that I am not unstable & pulled me out of the scary dark place. Suzanne is so supportive & I know I can just give her a call if I need to but the tools Suzanne has given me to aid me through the next chapter of my life has given me the confidence to acomplish this on my own. I feel like the me I always knew I was deep down but by relieving the layers of negativity Suzanne has helped me find me! Thank you Suzanne I can’t explain how but better I feel, there are no words xxx

Paula in her 30’s

A new beginning, thanks to sue!!!

To all of you who know’s what a life of trial and tribulation is, when there comes a day when it all gets to much and you feel yourself falling deeper into a dark hole with no return, everything getting on top of you emotionally and physically and there seems just no way out…..I believed nobody understood how I felt, until I saw Sue, I didn’t even no where to begin on how I was feeling, but I didn’t need to worry because Sue did, and she made it all happen with such ease.
Sue managed to turn my life back around, making me realise what I have got and what is important,also giving me the understanding i needed to tackling all my obstacles…..it’s great to feel me again and to have such a positive attitude towards life! I am so grateful to Sue for how she has made me feel!!!

Mel in his 30’s

After twisting my knee playing football weeks before going in a skiing holiday  I visited Suzanne for some treatment. Her sports injury knowledge and massage therapy expertise not only treated the injury but her rehabilitation advice and calm reassurance ensured I was able to enjoy a trouble free holiday in the alps.

Deb in her 40’s

I visit Sue on a regular basis for ‘the perfect’ sports massage. A fantastic way to de-stress and sort out any aches, pains and minor sports injuries. An absolute ‘must’ for any runners out there!

John in his 40’s

I had been looking for a good sports massage therapist as I do a lot of heavy lifting in my job and go to the gym 3/4 times a week. I had been looking for many years and then I found sue who is simply the best ever. She is very professional and knowledgeable, excellent service!

June in her 50’s

Suzanne is an absolute gem. I went to see her to try and loose weight,but she has done so much more for me. Helping me with issues that have affected me for many years. I also sent my son to see her. He is living with a life threatening illness which has no cure. She is helping him deal with what life has to throw at him. Within one week we had noticed a difference in his attitude and demeanour .We shall be for ever grateful to her and I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone whatever course of action that may assist your recovery.