Panic attacks, Fears, Phobias,

Have you ever wondered why some people are terrified of snakes and some people keep them as pets. Why some people have a fear of flying yet some people can throw themselves out of a plane.

Unless you have a fear or phobia its difficult to appreciate how the person feels and just as hard to understand how severe the panic and fear can be. It can be so severe that it could stop you flying to an amazing holiday, climbing to the top of a mountain or even stop you going into a room where you know  a spider is in it. It’s as if you have no choice over the situation.

Very often we don’t even know why we have these feelings or where they came from. Your conscious mind can say to you don’t be silly it’s only the  ‘thing’ but your subconscious mind tells you differently and kicks off the surge of panic through the body. Through using NLP and hypnotherapy we can retrain the subconscious mind to have a different thought and feeling towards the ‘thing’ which will enable you to live a less limiting life. You may still decide not to become a sky diver but at least you have the choice to be one if you want to be.

As always if there are underlying reasons why you have a fear or phobia perhaps something happened in your past then these issues would be addressed and dealt with along side the phobia to ensure you are truly free to have all the choices you could want.