Feeling depressed?

You are not alone if you are feeling depressed, one in four of the population experience depression at some point of their life.

At Moon Therapies I understand the thought process of people experiencing depression, the important fact to know about depression is that it is treatable and hypnotherapy is a great way of relieving this state. Whether you are a teenager or an adult the sooner you learn to make the changes the sooner you can get on with enjoying life again.

Hypnotherapy is unique as it targets the root cause of the depression rather than a quick fix tablet which may only have a short span of effectiveness.  There are only beneficial side-effects to the hypnotherapeutic approach rather than medications which can cause weight gain, blurred vision and headaches.

I will employ traditional hypnotherapy techniques combined with NLP to alleviate the depression, we will also address sleeping patterns as these have a direct impact on the disorder. Motivation and goal setting are other areas which we will look at.  I will help you see an end goal and feed in positive patterns of thinking to replace the current negative patterns.  We will tackle your anxiety and work with you to break down your worries into small manageable pieces.

People with depression are sometimes unable to see the wood for the trees, at Moon Therapies you will be put back on the path.

We will look too at exercise levels as several scientific studies have shown that a regular programme of exercise can help people to recover from depression; lifting their mood, reducing anxiety and improving self-esteem and concentration.  You will have the tools to be motivated to bring about rapid results.