Confidence & Self-esteem

Believe in yourself and anything is possible…..this may sound a bit cheesy but it is absolutely true.

What is confidence and self esteem?

It’s a measure of how you think and feel about yourself in relation to other people. If you always imagine other people are ‘better’ than you, you will be likely to lack confidence, feel anxious, and generally think negatively. This is actually unfair – to you! It means that you can’t really give your best, and may find life more of a struggle than it needs to be.

For some people with low self-esteem it can be very difficult to hear criticism and you might find that you are overly-sensitive and upset very easily. You might therefore stay away from activities that can expose you to any type of judgement.

Or if you have low self-esteem you might find that you form damaging relationships. You may feel you don’t deserve to be treated with love and respect, and so allow friends or partners to take advantage of you or control you.

Or if your low self-esteem comes from a belief that you are not competent or intelligent, you may struggle in the workplace, avoiding tasks that you don’t feel confident about or trying to produce work which is perfect. You might find it difficult to complete applications or go to interviews as you do not believe you are good enough.

If your self esteem is generally on the low side, you could probably do with some help in building it up. This is where hypnosis and NLP can come to your aid. Working together we will get, and keep, the mindset and attitudes that will allow you to see yourself and others in a fairer light, and so get more out of life.

Sometimes the journey isn’t comfortable and you may get the ‘OUCH’ factor when you come out of your comfort zone but soon the ouch part is normal, which means your confidence and self esteem are growing. A bit like a new pair of shoes you have to wear them in first then one day they are like a pair of comfy slippers.

It may not be achieved overnight so the journey takes commitment and working hard with me in true partnership. The thing you have to remember is you only have one shot at this life, make it a good one, as you’re worth it!