The pressure on children seems far greater then when I was growing up. From as early as year 6 taking your SATs, 11+ and getting ready for going into seniors to Year 9 working out your options through to Year 11 taking your GCSE’s & A levels to picking a university or college, then leaving home, taking your degree, hopefully finding a job.

That’s all on top of the normal stresses children have, confidence, peer pressure, bullying, home life. I’m sure there’s a few more I haven’t thought of but at no point do we teach our children how to deal and cope with stress and anxiety.

Simple exam nerves can make or break a child’s education.

Using tools like NLP and hypnotherapy I can teach children techniques that they will take through life with them. Making stressful situations easier to deal with, helping build their confidence and self esteem and teaching them how to relax without having to use external substances.

Confidentiality is key to children trusting me but if I felt the parents needed to be involved I will expect their full cooperation.

If the child is under 16 a parents consent is necessary.  I am happy for the parent to remain throughout the session.