Sport Improvement

There are three factors that influence our sporting ability of all ages; our fitness, our technical skills and our mental skills. Although many sports performers will spend a lot of their time on their fitness and technical skills, the mental side of the game is often neglected. And yet it is amazing how good we can be at using our minds to work against us. Even before we start an activity, we can often find a number of reasons for failure – doubt, bad weather, lack of practise, tiredness, anxiety, stress – and find ourselves living up (or ‘down’) to our expectations.

Essentially, we can find ourselves performing badly or not to our true potential because we are not using our minds in a positive way. As a result, we can form limiting beliefs about ourselves which leave us expecting failure rather than success.

By changing how we use our minds when we approach a game – by enhancing self-belief, dealing with how we respond to committing errors, setting goals and maintaining a positive attitude – it is possible to make a significant impact on our performance levels.

If you are carrying an injury or have general aches and pains that could be effecting your performance then you should eliminate these too, by regular massaging you will help keep your body in its best condition.

Through using a combination of hypnotherapy,  NLP and massage techniques we can get you performing to your best ability and when we have achieved this we can look at ways to achieving another personal best.