Exams….are we ever ready for them?

There are so many different types of exams from 11+, mocks, GCSE, A levels, driving test, interviews the list continues, but are we really ready for them??

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how hard you have revised or practiced if you don’t feel calm and confident the moment you walk into the exam environment, panic can set in, your heart rate will quicken, you will begin to feel anxious as adrenalin is pumped in the body, your ability to recall information easily will be blocked you may find that your mind can’t focus and gets easily distracted.

You can potentially throw all your hard work away by simply not knowing how to focus and quieten your mind. Through learning certain NLP techniques on how to keep your mind calm confident and fully focused you can learn to keep anxiety at bay thus allowing the information that is stored in your subconscious mind to be accessed easier.

This is no guarantee that you will pass the exam but it will give you the best chance of getting your best results.

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