Would you expect your car to run on empty?

Sometimes it’s all about maintenance.

Would you expect your car to run on empty?

Life seems to be a hundred miles an hour for most of us pretty much all of the time. Whether it be work life balance or charging around after the kids being a glorified taxi service somtimes we find it hard to switch off . This can lead to sleepness nights, giving a sense of resentment as there is no ‘me’ time or just feeling exhausted.

The thing a lot of us aren’t very good at is relaxing. We either reach for the wine or beer bottle to give us the quick fix of feeling chilled but this can just add to lethagy we are already feeling and make it even more difficult to get up in the morning. Or we feel guilty that should be doing something.

The thing is if we give ourselves some ‘me’ time this can make all the difference. A time to recharge our batteries or fill our tanks up. Whether that be a hot bath, exercising, having a relaxing massage or just doing something we enjoy.

Until we realise we our the most important people in our lives and when we are running on full everyone around us will benefit.

At Moon therapies I offer a range of massage techniques to help you do exactly this. Experience an hour of ‘me’ time spent relaxing and unwinding those tense muscles. You will leave with a feeling of peace and calm but a sense of being re energised to face the hectic pace of life.



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